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Cloud costs are hard to control

As your Azure business scale, so does your complexity. You struggle to stay on top of your customer's environments, which is chipping away your profitability.


Grow uncontrollably and above what your projected initially.


In both costs and CO2 is a growing concern for clients.


Halts progress and digital transformation is in shambles.

Simply control your customer's Azure cost

Reduce stressful and overwork with Ximplifi's unified and customisable application. Connect all your customers Azure billing into one, and start doing instead of worrying.

Full Azure cost overview

Every billing line, and activity, by the hour. Get fast, accurate, and total Azure cost reporting per customer.

Instant overview of customer(s)
Spot savings opportunities fast
Unit-level CO2 emissions

Everything in one place

Radically reduce time jumping different customer portals, files, and views with Ximplifi's unified customer overview.

All Azure customers right at your fingertips
Securely installed on customer tenant
Monitors everything by the hour

Stay in control 24/7

Get straight to action when you need to. Ximplifi intelligently filters and prioritises actions for you.

Get 24/7 customer Azure cost surveillance
Focus on cost issues that actually matter
Minimise idle cost and CO2 waste

Click-to-fix customer Azure cost waste

We help you get down to business fast with intelligent recommendations and automations, helping you do the activities that yield the highest rewards for you and your customers.

Auto-switch compute *

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure scale sets
Azure App Service

Auto-scale data storage *

Azure Managed Disks
Azure Managed SSD
Azure SQL Server
Azure SQL Managed Instance
Azure SQL Elastic Pools

* more services added over time. We aim to cover as many Azure resources and services as possible.

Never lose an Azure customer over cost confusion again, with Ximplifi

Automate your cloud FinOps.

Auto-shut compute

Get flexible, scalable, and easy auto-shut down of VMs, scalesets, AppServices, etc.

Auto-scale tiering

Save big with dynamic pricing tier scaling for storage, databases, and more.

Reduce countless hours

Avoid wasting valuable time doing repetitive tasks with simple click-to-scale.

Catch trends and anomalies

Know what is being used, not just what is billed, and make the right timed decisions.

Savings on sleeptimer

Automatically control your cloud spending and CO2 emissions with just a few clicks.

Stay compliant

Most companies fail in licensing true ups. Ximplifi helps you stay compliant.

Govern usage with users

Govern resources and users better and smarter than standard policies and tags.

Secure interface

Simply give information and control to the organization away from cloud portals.

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce your CO2 footprint without breaking the bank. Simply click to scale.

Designed for business users.

Make cloud savings as easy as turning lights on and off. Ximplifi helps your people control spending without having to know anything about cloud, coding, and tech.


Meet your forecasts faster with clearer non-tech cloud cost insights.

Marketing Teams - Technology Webflow Template


Built for mid-sized businesses who want FinOps, but not massive change projects.

Machine Learning - Technology Webflow Template


Reduce overhead in your staff and avoid cumbersome, repetitive tasks.

Engineering Teams - Technology Webflow Template

Hear it from our customers

It just makes it so much easier to grasp where costs take off and what we can do to fix it, which we also have Ximplifi help us do.

Hakan Yagci - CEO - Uniqkey ApS

[Azure] Cost Manager was too clunky and confusing. Ximplifi helps us easily find and fix escalations without wasting valuable hours.

Claus Bo Bonde - CTO - Strator A/S

Ximplifi is one of the only tools we found that made cloud FinOps operational, and not just a dashboard solution.

Senior Cloud Solutions Consultant, KPMG Denmark