Cloud should be run sustainably

You don't want your cloud to drain your budget and people. Our mission is to give you the solutions that make you control and save your investment in the cloud.

Cloud costs cannot be solved manually...

We know the drill. Your cloud budget takes off, and you have the trusty old consultants knocking on your door asking to help you fix it.

We were those consultants. We have sat in on countless strategy sessions, status meetings, and talks, and seen how companies waste millions on both expensive consultancy, and money drained from their budgets waiting for actual savings action to happen.
How Technology Starter - Technology Webflow Template

Manual will not cut the bill. Ximplifi will.

Our values


We make the complex cloud stuff so simple it almost feels stupid, which is exactly why it is the smartest solution for you.


We do not work for Microsoft, Amazon or a and only partner with those who want to do things better.


We only do business and build solutions on the principles of positive financial and environmental impact.