Get FinOps into your cloud investment

Cloud can be overwhelming, even for IT. We help you ensure you get up to speed and ready to act when your digital transformation bets takeoff.

FinOps made simple

FinOps simply means financial operations. But implementing full FinOps is overkill for most companies. We help you get just the right tools and practices to for optimal cloud FinOps.

Azure FinOps training and workshops

Get help to avoid making the wrong decisions from day one with our instructor-led trainings and workshops.

Experienced technical and organisational FinOps specialists
Class training and/or custom sessions for your teams
Helping you set the right path your your company

Free Azure FinOps reporting

Your cloud savings is our ultimate success. We help your teams with tools and tips to report and operate your cloud savings.

Free, custom Power BI report with actionable insights
Proactive advisory from our Azure FinOps experts
Simple engagements with no hidden fees

Low-touch, scalable savings

We make FinOps simple for you to get started with, ensuring our automation tools fits your systems, people, and processes.

Simple interfaces to save your Azure consumption at scale
Helping you get just the right amount of FinOps
Without wasting massive resources

Designed for business users

Make cloud savings as easy as turning lights on and off. Ximplifi helps your people control spending without having to know anything about cloud, coding, and tech.


Equip your procurement teams with tools and tips to ensure your cloud bill never runs amok.


Ensure qualified talks between finance and IT around cloud consumption and billing.


Avoid promising innovations killed by bad operational costs, to help you grow and win in new areas.

Agile & Digital

Help your digital teams with practical tools to ensure your moonshots' financial succes.


Reduce bad decisions and safeguard financials in your digital transformation and strategy.

IT & Engineering

Ultimately, FinOps is for IT too. Get a common language to help avoid the endless meetings and reporting.