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Do not get left behind by your competition. Ximplifi helps you stay ahead and proactive, to prevent disappointing your customers in Azure.

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As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, you know you cannot just resell Azure. You need to do more, better, and faster. All the time. But it is constantly getting harder to keep up.


is growing fast by the day with new services, changing incentives, and growing competition.


in Azure and cloud is hard to find and not overworking your people without losing margins is getting harder


is constantly demanding new ways of thinking to stay ahead, to service your customers as best as possible.

Get FinOps capabilities at scale.

Reduce your overhead in helping your customers experience positive returns in their cloud investment, helping you quickly identify new client business opportunities.

Get full Azure cost overview

Get total overview, fast, and get notified when you need to do something. Not just because Azure says so.

Instant overview of all and single customer(s)
Easily spot savings opportunities
Unit-level CO2e included

Everything in one place

Radically reduce time jumping different customer portals, files, and views with Ximplifi's unified customer overview.

All Azure customers right at your fingertips
Securely installed on customer tenant
Monitors everything by the hour

Stay in control 24/7

Get straight to action when you need to. Ximplifi intelligently filters and prioritises actions for you.

Get 24/7 customer Azure cost surveillance
Focus on cost issues that actually matter
Minimise idle cost and CO2 waste

Grow revenues. Reduce overhead.

Just think of all the new revenue streams you could achieve with tools that save your customers from abandoning their cloud initiatives.


Avoid the hollow arguments and provide straight forecasts and ROI on spending, CO2, and more.


Provide real business consultancy without wasting time always fixing for cost operations.


Innovate and market your offerings combined with a clear value savings proposition.


Streamline reporting on an interface every business user can figure out, outside cloud portals.


With your customers for the funds saved, help them succeed, and keep their businesses.


Into new segments  with tools that scale beyond your existing business offerings.

Never lose an Azure customer over cost confusion again, with Ximplifi